Caregiver Training and Qualifications

Capability Homecare requires comprehensive training along with extensive qualifications for individuals providing direct client care. The training and qualifications are determined by Capability Homecare and are a pre-requisite for employment.

Capability Homecare’s Training Requirements for direct client care consists of 12 educational courses. Each course requires a competency rating of 80% for completion. The courses are cover the requirements for direct client care as described in Washington and Oregon in-home care agency rules and include, but are not limited to the following topics:

  1. Caregivers duties and responsibilities
  2. Recognizing and responding to medical emergencies
  3. Dealing with adverse behaviors
  4. Nutrition and hydration including special diets, meal preparation, and service
  5. Appropriate and safe techniques in personal care tasks
  6. Methods and Techniques to prevent skin breakdown, contractures, and falls
  7. Hand washing and infection control
  8. Body mechanics
  9. Maintenance of a clean and safe environment
  10. Fire Safety and non-medical emergency procedures
  11. Assisting with self-directed or client-representative directed non-injectable medication administration.

After completion of all required courses, caregivers are required to take a comprehensive competency exam and achieve an 80% or higher score.

Capability Homecare also requires additional training courses for employees performing medication services including assistance and administration. The additional courses related to medication services include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Medication abbreviations
  2. Reading medication orders and directions
  3. Reading medications labels and packages
  4. Setting up medication labels and packages
  5. Administering non-injectable medications
  6. Identifying and reporting adverse medication reactions, interactions, contra-indications, and side effects
  7. Infection control related to medication administration
  8. Techniques and methods to insure safe and accurate medication administration


After completion of all required medication courses, caregivers are required to take a comprehensive competency exam and achieve an 80% or higher score.

Before providing medication assistance and administration services agency caregivers must perform an in-person demonstration of their skills to the agency RN.

Capability Homecare’s qualifications to provide direct client care are as follows:

Individual Requirements

  1. Be at least eighteen (18) years of age.
  2. Must not be spouse or relative of client.
  3. Be neither legal nor foster parent of minor children who receive service.
  4. Must be free of communicable disease and open infectious wounds.
  5. Must have valid Washington or Oregon state driver’s license and current automobile liability insurance, if motor vehicle use is within the course and scope
    of employment.
  6. Must have the ability to get to and from a scheduled job by alternate transportation if motor vehicle unavailable.
  7. Must be able to stand and walk throughout the majority of shift on various surfaces in client’s homes.
  8. Must be able to lift and carry up to thirty (30) pounds such as mop, buckets, groceries, and bags with trash.
  9. Must be able to push/pull up to various weights while performing tasks such as pushing client in wheelchair and transferring client.
  10. Must be able to climb stairs up to two (2) levels daily while making client visits.
  11. Must be able to balance while assisting clients to walk and climb stairs on a daily basis while performing client care activities.
  12. Must be able to bend, twist, use rotating motions and reach while performing various client care activities.
  13. Must be able to handle various client care supplies such as adult diapers or pads, catheter bag or other medical equipment.
  14. Must be able to have corrected vision to chart and read clients records.
  15. Must be alert and able to identify hazards should one occur and have the ability to avoid them by reporting immediately or if directed to take
    corrective measures.

Organizational Requirements

  1. Completion of all required training courses
  2. Completion of Capability Homecare orientation
  3. Approved application of employment
  4. A satisfactory national background check as required by Washington and Oregon
    in-home care agency rules
  5. Verified experience as a provider of client care in the caregiving industry
  6. Verified all licenses or certifications related to client care (For example: C.N.A)


Finally, caregivers are oriented to their client’s plan of care prior to their first visit with their client and when the service/care plan is updated. Usually, the agency representative who participated in the free consultation orients the caregivers to the client’s service/care plan because he or she brings each caregiver to the client’s home for the caregiver’s first visit with the client.

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