Home Safety Assessment

  1. Are there sturdy handrails or banisters by all steps and stairs?
  2. Are stairways and hallways clear of clutter and loose objects?
  3. Are all electrical cords placed close to walls and out of pathways?
  4. Are rugs secured around all edges?
  5. Lighting:
    1. Is there adequate lighting in all stairways and hall ways?
    2. Is there a light switch at both the top and bottom of stairs?
    3. Is there a light switch by the doorway of each room?
    4. Is there a flashlight, light switch or lamp beside the bed?
    5. Is there a night light?
  6. Is there a phone by the bed?
  7. Is there are list of emergency phone numbers by the phone for:
    1. Fire
    2. Police
    3. Ambulance
  8. Bath tub / shower
    1. Are there non-skid strips or rubber mats in the shower or bathtub?
    2. Are the adequate grab-bars for getting in and out of them?
  9. Do chairs have armrests which are strong enough for getting in an out of them?
  10. Stools:
    1. Is stool needed to reach the higher cupboard?
    2. Is the stool sturdy with not more than one step?
  11. Medications:
    1. Are all medications marked clearly?
    2. Are medications named?
    3. Are medications dated?
    4. Are instructions given as to how and when medications are to be taken?
  12. Are hazardous products labeled and kept in a secure place?
  13. Are outside steps free of cracks, ice and snow?
  14. Is there adequate lighting near walkways and doorways?
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